October 26, 2006

Haworth Founder Dies

Gerrard Wendell (G.W.) Haworth, the founding chairman of furniture manufacturer


died yesterday, at the age of 95. Filling the role of company patriarch, Haworth still made the trip to the office up to four days a week at the age of 93.

Founded in 1948, Haworth is a global corporation that generates $1.4 billion in net sales. A Nebraska-native and a graduate of Western Michigan University, Haworth began his career as a teacher at the Holland High School, in Holland, Michigan. He started building custom wood products as a hobby in the 1940’s. By 1993, he had earned the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the University of Michigan Business School.

“My father was a distinguished business leader, but more importantly, a great man,” says Richard Haworth. “He followed his natural instincts as a thinker and a teacher. His philosophy of satisfying customers and his high regard for people and their skills are still the core values of our company.”

A memorial service will be held Sunday, in Holland, Michigan.

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