August 26, 2016

Haworth’s Fern Chair Takes Center Stage in Patricia Urquiola’s NeoCon Concept

All photography by Eric Laignel.

Fern, baby, Fern. The plant informed the structure of Haworth’s latest task chair, the culmination of a multiyear collaboration with ITO Design. In Interior Design Hall of Fame member Patricia Urquiola’s annual reboot of the manufacturer’s Mart showroom, she anchored the chair’s presentation with a towering terrarium, the faux fronds inside made of paper. Beyond the neon-lit cube, mockups illustrating varying stages of production, along with remnants of the R&D process, allowed visitors to experience the design-build story firsthand. Nearby, armies of miniatures were corralled on tables, a veritable 3-D catalog of color options for the polymer shell and finishes for the die-cast aluminum base.

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