September 24, 2015

How Leucos Empowers Modern Lighting with Italian Storytelling

Sponsored by Leucos

The power of lighting to transform a space is undeniable. Just as quickly as the wrong fixture can doom any interior, the right one can help designers set the tone for an entire project—or supply the final pièce de résistance. Lighting becomes even more significant when it’s crafted by Italian manufacturer Leucos, a company founded in 1962 with the mission to merge the shapes and silhouettes of modern design with the storied art of Murano glassblowing. With newcomers Nia, Beamer and Ixi, Leucos shows us how to artfully balance contemporary techniques and old-world crafts.

Roberto Paoli designed Nia after the shape of the Brazil nut, adding matte white canopies surrounding clear and frosted glass for layers of texture. An LED strip can be concealed within the curved frame, while an unilluminated version offers further sculptural possibilities. Rendered in steel, acrylic and recycled glass, Nia can be configured in clusters or rows using single, triple, six and 12 point versions for almost any desired arrangement.

Simplicity, clean-lines and functionality inspire Arik Levy’s Beamer pendants, which strip away all “the fuss” to provide a sophisticated fixture in polished chrome. Two sizes accommodate both LED and halogen bulbs and can be suspended individually or in multiples of 3 and 5. Adding to its functionality, Beamer can be angled to place light precisely where it’s needed.

Designed by Filippo Caprioglio, Ixi takes simple glass tubes to the next level by dangling them from invisible cables in arrangements that can cover an entire ceiling—or, on a smaller scale, anchor an entry or dining area. Caprioglio says he “envisioned childhood toys in a shiny new way” to conceive Ixi’s tubes that seem to float effortlessly in Pyrex, glass, and chrome.

Let lighting by Leucos inspire the story for your next project.

Product Fast Facts


– designed by Roberto Paoli

– steel, acrylic, recycled glass

– can house LEDs or be unilluminated

– part of the MODO collection

– offered in single-, triple-, six-, and 12-point versions


– designed by Arik Levy

– metal canopy, clear cord, polished chrome stem, and chromed glass diffuser

– accepts LEDs or halogens

– pendant fixture is available in 2 sizes; can be angled to direct light

– can be suspended individually or in multiples of 3 or 5


– designed by Filippo Caprioglio

– Pyrex, glass, chrome, white lacquer, and invisible cable

– can house LEDs or be unilluminated

– available in 19” and 16” lengths and four configurations

– can be installed free-floating, angled, or hang vertically to create “walls” of glass tubes

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