October 23, 2017

i 4 Mariani Celebrates its 60th Anniversary with the Addition of a New Chair, Planet

The Mariani family.

Family is paramount at i 4 Mariani, named for the quartet of brothers who founded the company in 1957—and are still actively involved, assisted by their eight children. Many designs from the catalog are also still around, including Guido Faleschini’s bodacious 1969 Andromeda lounge; Faleschini’s Tuchoma chair, from the same year; the Up & Down, an adjustable sofa designed by Ammannati & Vitelli in 1999 that converts to a chaise via gas pump; and Creative Group’s leather-sheathed Marlene chair, from 1995. To celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, the brothers enlisted architect Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri to conceive a new chair, christened Planet. Its womblike polyurethane shell, upholstered inside and out in quilted leather, sports a sleek swivel base. The cozy nook offers privacy without total detachment, the perfect place in which to contemplate the past—and the future.


Up & Down.

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