August 13, 2015

Inkblot Patterns Inspire New Series by Lindstrom Rugs

Lindstrom Rugs Inkblot Series

“What do you see?”

Generations of inquiring psychiatrists have posed the question, using the Rorschach test to ferret out patient personality traits. Erik Lindstrom, however, has no such clinical agenda. Instead, he views the Inkblot series from

Lindstrom Rugs

as a conversation-starter and a thought-provoker, abstract art that’s perceived differently by each person. The eight perfectly bilateral patterns begin, as you might imagine, as splotches of ink on paper. The designs are then handwoven in wool by Nepalese artisans. Virtually any color, size, or proportion is possible, as are alternate fibers such as silk, hemp, or nettle. You can even supply your own inkblot.

Lindstrom Rugs Inkblot Series 2

Lindstrom Rugs Inkblot Series 3

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