November 18, 2019

Inside The Naturally House, Featuring Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces

Wilsonart’s durable and eco-friendly surfaces, such as North Cascades and Dinant pictured here, provide a clean, modern finish. Photography courtesy of Wilsonart. 

The Naturally House, an idea born of lifestyle guru Danny Seo, is an inviting eco-friendly haven in a sustainable community outside of Atlanta, Georgia called Serenbe. The house features a stunningly simplistic frame that captures the imagination, so much so that when acclaimed interior designer Rebecca Cartwright was tasked with designing its interior, she made a bold choice—reimagining a ski chalet in the heart of the south.

And it works. Every detail of The Naturally House reflects elements found in nature, in part due to Cartwright’s use of Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces. Imagine quartz that takes on the look and feel of calming soapstone—Wilsonart’s collection achieves this, creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home. 

Cyprus siding milled in Louisiana wraps around the exterior of the home. Photography courtesy of Wilsonart. 

But Naturally House is just one example of how Wilsonart’s solutions enable designers to utilize surfaces as a means to anchor a space. “For residential applications, we want to create products people love, and we don’t want to limit the options. We take desired features from stones or marbles and transfer them into materials that work better from a product standpoint, and are affordable from a cost stand-point,” says Gwen Petter, Wilsonart’s director of design. “For commercial applications, nature isn’t taken as literally, so it can be more implied, taking familiar elements from wood and adding abstracted qualities or an artistic twist, creates solutions that commercial designers appreciate, and allows them to bring nature into the space in unique ways.”

As a designer, Cartwright appreciates Wilsonart’s vast portfolio. “I love it because they have such a range of products,” she says. Watch the full interview with Cartwright below. 

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