December 11, 2016

Inspire Creativity with Mannington’s Amtico Signature Collection

Create. It’s a small word, but it has power to inspire, to distinguish, to connect people. When Mannington set out to refresh its Amtico Signature Collection, the design team centered their work on this word.

Their goal was to create a palette of colors, distinctive designs, and striking details that will give designers around the world the tools they need to bring their unique vision to any floor. So Mannington’s team worked to push the boundaries of what flooring can do. They experimented with products and techniques and shared skills and expertise to deliver a portfolio of products that are both beautiful and technically excellent.

All with the exceptional durability provided by Mannington’s manufacturing capabilities, and the quality guaranteed at every step from design to delivery.

The result is a collection of unexpected variety, depth, tone, and texture. The inspiring possibilities of an extraordinary range of products, palettes, and patterns that give you the design choices to shape your creative vision.

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