June 18, 2012

JANUS et Cie Launches New Website

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The definitive source for contract, hospitality and residential furniture for interior and exterior settings, JANUS et Cie has launched a new web site designed to make it easy for designers to review, compare and select the perfect products for their projects.

This new site is categorized by sector – Residential, Contract, Hospitality, Site — enabling designers in each industry segment to interface with product specifically for their clientele.

Other features include:

•    More than 5,000 unique products with information relevant to each sector.

•    Advanced search functions to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

•    Tools for easy review, comparison and selection of a single product or entire project.

•    Multiple product views: front, back, sides, colors.

•    Installation photography in diverse locales and environments.

•    Downloadable 2D CAD product renderings.

•    Downloadable catalogues.

•    Icons that note special features including: Indoor, Outdoor, Quickship, and GSA.

“Our ultimate goal is to create an ever evolving website that is informative, intuitive and inspiring,” says JANUS et Cie President Janice Feldman.  “I think we’ve succeeded in creating an engaging experience that feels effortless and seamless to use. The site is fun to explore and a superb shopping tool that I think designers will find very useful.”

Click here

to start exploring the new JANUS et Cie website now.

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