December 6, 2016

Karl Lagerfeld Spearheads First US Interior Design Project

The Estates at Acqualina, slated for completion in 2020. Rendering courtesy of the Trump Group.

Couture, meet contract design! Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s iconic creative director, is embarking on his first interiors project in the United States for the Estates at Acqualina, an ultra-luxury residential complex in Miami’s Sunny Isles Beach. Lagerfeld is taking the reins as the sole creative force behind the development’s two lobbies, translating his exquisite style and detail-oriented verve into interiors.

“[I] take great pride in knowing that the spaces I create will be such important spaces in the building,” said Lagerfeld. “Not only are they significant because they offer the first impression of the building, they are also the spaces where people come to socialize daily; they are like a common living room.” The complex will complement the nearby Mansions at Acqualina, which debuted last fall. Slated for completion in 2020, the Estates at Acqualina will encompass two 50-story boutique towers with over 45,000 square feet of amenities, including a spa and fitness center, a restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and an ice skating rink.


The Estates at Acqualina, slated for completion in 2020. Rendering courtesy of the Trump Group.

Lagerfeld will conceive and design the lobbies’ custom features, finishes, and furnishings. “I want our lobbies to be the pièce de résistance of our new project, and who better to create these than the master of modern creativity: Karl Lagerfeld,” says Jules Trump, the project’s developer. “There are truly no limits to his creativity. Everything he touches benefits from his brilliant point of view.”

While some maintain that enlisting a fashion giant to spearhead luxury interiors on this grand of a scale borders on risky, Trump steadfastly stands by Lagerfeld’s prowess: “He is a master at creating a mood and eliciting an emotion. Think about how he creates his fashion shows—each one conjures a very particular state of mind and takes you on a journey that he is guiding.”

Trump is enthusiastic about Lagerfeld’s plan for the lobbies. “You’ll find precious and rare materials, exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated style,  … and whimsical details that bring a frisson of excitement and delight.”

South Tower lobby. Rendering courtesy of the Trump Group.

The Estates at Acqualina has so far revealed a design for the project’s South Tower lobby. Lagerfeld’s own photographs of Roman fountains and arches will adorn wall panels, ceiling screens, and skylights, nodding to the communal nature of both lobbies and Roman piazzas. A color palette of cerulean blue, white, silver, and gray pays homage to the Miami vernacular. Construction for the first tower will begin in late 2017.

Living room. Rendering courtesy of the Trump Group.


Bathroom. Rendering courtesy of the Trump Group.


Kitchen. Rendering courtesy of the Trump Group.


Bedroom. Rendering courtesy of the Trump Group.

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