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Smell the Flowers in This Award-Winning Beauty Store

2023 Best of Year Winner for Beauty Retail

Florasis, the Chinese beauty brand named as a portmanteau of “flora” and “sister,” sells cosmetics formulated with floral essences. Its recently opened flagship in Hangzhou, China, by Leaping Creative encompassing 13,000 square feet across two floors, is a gallerylike white box lined with clear resin shelves—a nod to the traditional Chinese medicine cabinets that are typically outfitted with mulitudes of drawers of healing herbs. At the entry, a suspended distillation system art piece showcases the extraction process as sculpture. Inspired by the delightful ancient custom of winding stream parties, where guests floated cups of rice wine downstream to one another, it showcases blooms transforming via steam and condensation into beautifying essences.

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a white hallway with perfume displays in Florasis, Hangzhou, China
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Zen Zheng; CC Chen; Xiaowen Chen; Mingdong Zeng; Jianhua Ye; Xunfeng Zhang; Zuotao Luo; Zijun Luo; Ailian Wang; Qianhui Yao; Shutuan Lin; Yinjie Li.

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