HDC Design hot pot eatery for BOY 2023

How This Hot Pot Eatery Appeals to a Younger Clientele

2023 Best of Year Winner for Large Casual Dining

Hot pot eateries abound in Sichuan province. For Chuan Hsi Pa Tzu in Chengdu, China, though part of a decade-old operation, appears spanking new thanks to a rebranding and redesign by HDC Design aimed at cultivating a youthful clientele while creating a setting steeped in Chinese cultural roots. Bamboo references turn up indoors and out as awnings and screens, albeit crafted of lightweight metal and metal mesh (rather than wood and fabric) to comply with fire codes. Sleek and minimalist timber furnishings populate the 5,000 square feet of open and private dining areas, where abundant greenery, nodding to rural landscaping, and an enclosed grill establish an emotional connection to—and new way to experience—a time-honored favorite.

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exterior of a restaurant with lamps
interior of a hot pot eatery with lighting
interior of a hot pot restaurant with lighting
HDC Design hot pot eatery for BOY 2023

Jiajun Tang; Rene liu; dana; yuqing he.

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