May 16, 2020

Magic Circus Éditions Teams up with Venini to Bring Back the Jazz Era

A century has officially passed since the Roaring Twenties ushered extraordinary decadence into everyday life. But for Marie-Lise Féry, the aesthetic of that era lives on. The French cabaret and, yes, the circus, inspire the former antiquarian’s young company, Magic Circus Éditions. Five years after its founding, the design brand has joined forces with Venini to launch Balloon. The mouth-blown glass and fluted-brass pendants are fitted with LED bulbs, measure 14 by 10 1/2 inches, and come in two designs. The first is Canne, its crisp swirls in sweet color combinations, while its counterpart, Spirale, flaunts twisted ribbons in similar hues. A range of brass and nickel finishes, utterly Art Deco, completes the look. 

The full Canine pendant in view. Photography by Pierrick Verny.

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