August 26, 2016

Modular Office System by Tuohy Is the Ultimate Chameleon

Just as species survive by adapting, office furnishings flourish through flexibility. Fully embracing the evolution, McCarty Quinn Design Studio founder Matthew Plumstead devised Leit System for Tuohy Furniture Corporation as the ultimate chameleon. Sit or stand. Concentrate or collaborate. Upholstered chairs and benches, in multiple shapes and sizes, can either make singular statements or fit together like puzzle pieces. Tabletops and tablet arms in solid-surfacing or Forest Stewardship Council–certified wood can either integrate seamlessly with the seating or simply stand aside. Privacy panels come in three heights to control acoustics while defining space or enclosing workstations. Power and data hookups are versatile. For fabrics, choose from a crowd of partner companies. 

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