July 19, 2020

Mohawk Group Connects the A&D Community with its DesignFWD Virtual Summit

To be a designer is to be a problem solver, and the pandemic certainly pushed those skills to new levels. Making changes to classic interior layouts and common spaces is only one aspect of how the global social distancing measures have affected the A&D industry. Much anticipated annual visits to Milan for Salone de Mobile and Chicago for NeoCon have in turn brought the industry together through virtual events, inspiring one company to create a connective, digital platform of their own.

Mohawk Group knows the path to better design and sustainability begins with community. “Because we knew we couldn’t be together in Chicago at NeoCon this year, we wanted to create a meaningful way we could still unite together in spirit and in purpose,” explains Jackie Dettmar of Mohawk Group. Photography courtesy of Mohawk Group. 

Commercial flooring manufacturer Mohawk Group, known for thoughtfulness, creativity, and an eco-conscious ethos, hosted the first ever Design Forward Virtual Summit, stylized as DesignFWD. Under the inaugural theme of “A New Path Forward,” each day was organized by the following topics: Product, Sustainability, and Personal, bringing together members of the A&D community from around the globe.

The design of Mohawk Group’s products reflects and elevates the company’s passion for wellness, social responsibility, and meeting net zero carbon standards. Shown above is Urban Mobility from Smart City. Photography courtesy of Mohawk Group. 

Among the attendee favorites was the FWD Speak inspirational talk series, which included conversations with designers Jason F. McLennan and Austria-based Anastasija and Martin Lesjak of 13&9 and INNOCAD. Another highlight was a webinar that took a closer look into the carbon positive movement and what designers and manufacturers are doing to accomplish a more ecologically restorative future for all.

All of the webinars, podcasts, digital roundtables and other media from the July 15-17 event have been archived for registered users of the platform to access all year long, ultimately creating a learning platform.

Designed with intelligent systems in mind, Mohawk Group’s flooring creates pathways, transitions, and accent areas, giving people visual cues to emotionally understand and physically maneuver the space. Shown above is Large & Local LVT with Thematic Thread carpet plank. Photography courtesy of Mohawk Group.  

Mohawk Group is thus creating a holistic framework to offer products that create pathways, transitions and accent areas with the underlying commitment to sustainable design. Looking ahead to fall 2020 and 2021 while reflecting on this past spring and current summer, much of DesignFWD’s content points to creating for distance with visual cues that give end users guidance on how to maneuver within the commercial built environment. Mohawk Group has created a holistic framework to offer products that create pathways, transitions and accent areas with the underlying commitment to sustainable design.

Mohawk Group recognizes trust is an important element in design today, and many of their products use biophilic patterns and yarns that help contribute to easing stress, providing emotional and physical comfort. Shown is Optic Hues LVT with Optic Reset carpet plank. Photography courtesy of Mohawk Group.

At DesignFWD Mohawk Group unveiled Personal Studio, a visualization tool known as p.s. that helps clients create their own pathways to better designThe p.s. digital platform allows specifiers to customize running line flooring products with enhanced coloring capabilities, as well as visualize them in multiple room scenes and installation patterns.

“DesignFWD has allowed us to continue important conversations around design and sustainability so that we can stay inspired and compelled to make a difference as an industry even in the midst of current events,” said Mary Beth Sharp, Mohawk Group’s vice president of marketing. “We see this programming growing into a larger series that the design community looks forward to every year.”

DesignFWD’s branding reflects the event’s inviting tone. Photography courtesy of Mohawk Group. 

Mohawk Group Director of Workplace Design Jeanette Himes spoke with Interior Design Managing Director Helene Oberman about the manufacturer’s latest products, strides in sustainability, and newest collaboration during a special Product Live segment broadcast as part of DesignFWD. View the segment here

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