November 18, 2013

Movisi’s Build Modular Shelving System

Every busy bee knows that a hive starts with one cell. Likewise, the Build modular shelving system by Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet for


springs from a single component: an oblong module molded from expanded polypropylene that’s both recyclable and emission free.

Measuring approximately 20?½ inches high, 15 wide, and 12 deep, the black or white building block comes with or without backing. Cluster the units to create the simplest or most complex arrangements. Mount them directly on the wall, or

consider freestanding applications that can double as space dividers. Installation takes just minutes, and

because the process is designed to be intuitive, there are no tools—or even instructions. And for those often on the move, the backed versions can be used to transport the contents to another room, office, or dwelling, too.

Movisi Build Modular Shelving Wall Display

Movisi Build Modular Shelving Floor Display

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