June 1, 2012

Nine AIA Los Angeles Members Named Fellows

The American Institute of Architects has elevated 105 of its members to the College of Fellows (FAIA), along with six new Honorary Fellows. The new fellows were recognized at the investiture ceremony during the 2012 AIA National Convention Washington’s National Cathedral last month. They will also be honored locally at a private reception on June 21. Just over 3000 of the AIA’s 80,000 members nationwide are Fellows. The honor recognizes architect members who have made a significant contribution to the profession and to society that would not have occurred without their efforts. Candidates also need to have been AIA members for at least 10 years. This year, 220 candidates were nominated across the country, of which 47% became Fellows. In California, 23 new Fellows were elevated, out of 48 nominees. Nine of the new Fellows are members of AIA Los Angeles:

Krista Ann Becker, FAIA of Moore Ruble Yudell

Krista Becker has advanced the design of U.S. embassies worldwide, through her mastery of this unique and challenging building type, creating safe, functional and inspiring places for the conduct of diplomacy.

Kevin Daly, FAIA of Daly Genik

Kevin Daly’s architecture is based on the belief that architecture has the power to transform the everyday built environment. His

work interweaves innovation in technology and fabrication, economy and livability, materiality and form.

Gary K. Dempster, FAIA of Altoon Partners

Gary Dempster’s hands-on interaction with collaborating architects worldwide brings quality design to life in vastly different cultural contexts, while mentoring local architects in developing countries to aspire to meet international standards of process and craft


John A. Enright, FAIA of Griffin Enright Architects

John Enright’s work has consistently demonstrated the power of critical design thinking, creating dynamic award winning projects at multiple scales. As an educational leader, he has bridged the academy and profession to promote design excellence


Scott P. Kelsey, FAIA of CO Architects

Scott Kelsey has pioneered the new American medical school through the establishment of a new building typology that creates interdisciplinary learning environments that respond to advances in clinical care, curriculum, and continually evolving technologies.

Anthony J. Moretti, FAIA of CO Architects

Through visionary work in construction documentation, Anthony Moretti developed an efficient and harmonious production process and pioneered building information modeling techniques that empower construction teams to create beautifully crafted, high-performing science, academic, and healthcare buildings.

George R. Pressler, III, FAIA of TTG Planning Decision Resources

George Pressler has advanced the planning of medical facilities internationally as architect and advocate, educating healthcare leaders, design professionals, policy-makers, and communities by expanding their understanding of the impact of the built environment on healing.

George Pressler passed away on January 4, and is being honored posthumously for his achievement in the field of health care practice.

David E. Rogers, FAIA of The Jerde Partnership

David Rogers’ creative passion, reflected in his compelling architectural designs, is instrumental in revitalizing city centers globally, sustaining their historical and cultural elements and enriching the lives of millions of people.

Lisa C. Sachs, FAIA of Cumming Construction Management Inc.

Building an alternative career in the field of Construction Management, Lisa Sachs has elevated architecture to a position of leadership, advanced California to landmark legislation and set a national standard for contract performance.

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