January 16, 2015

Pierre Yovanovitch

Portrait Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch, courtesy of Pierre Yovanovitch Architecture D’Interieur.

Firm : Pierre Yovanovitch Architecture D’Interieur .

Location : Paris, France.

Bio : Since 2001 Pierre Yovanovitch has made his mark worldwide through highly prestigious design projects that eloquently express his « made in France » style where solid underpinnings of extreme luxury back up a purist vision of interior architecture. Indifferent to the dictates of passing fads and trends, Pierre Yovanovitch delivers imposing design projects that persuade by the strength of their soundly conceived architectural presence that gracefully avoids both complication and ostentation.

From a five-star hotel in the heart of Paris, to a seventeenth century chateau in Provence, to an ultra-modern residence in New York, to the scenography of international expositions, each project is adapted to its specific site and realized as a wholly original, unique design in lock step with the characteristics of personality and life style of the client. Harmonious volumes and clean lines drawn by the hand of a master confer sobriety and strength to Yovanovitch’s interior architectures all softened by subtle plays of light and informed choices of authentic materials–wood, stone, marble, metal. Floors, doors, lighting, furniture are custom designed and made by master artisans.

The selection of eclectic art objects, be they American, Swedish or French, participate in the same haute couture approach to design. Intuitive and a perfectionist, Pierre Yovanovitch applies a rigorous aesthetic to the research he follows throughout each of his creations. He draws and outlines with exemplary clarity the contours of an elegant and contemporary style that is the convincing voice of the new and now in French creation.

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