June 12, 2018

Resources: U-Labprojekte Elevates Multigenerational Living With a Pied-à-Terre in Madrid

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Davide Groppi: Pendant Fixtures.

Slide 2

B&B Italia: Sofa.

Brdr. Petersen: Chairs.

Jan Kath: Rugs.

Zeitraum: Cabinets.

Slide 3

Zeitraum: Stools. 

Artificio: Custom Cabinetry.

Vola: Sink Fittings.

Bora: Cooktop.

Gaggenau: Refrigerator, Ovens.

Slide 5

Santa & Cole: Pendant Fixtures.

Maruni: Chairs.

Slide 7

Jan Kath: Rugs.

Zeitraum: Bed.

Pulpo: Floor Lamps.

E15: Stool.

Slide 8

Pulpo: Floor Lamps.

Agape: Towel Rack.

Dornbracht: Sink.

Slide 9

Zeitraum: Cabinets, Bed.

Gan: Sectional.

Vitra: Table, Chairs.

Slide 10

Jan Kath: Rugs.

Vitra: Chair, Ottoman.

Ligne Roset: Sofa.

E15: Lamp, Side Table.

Slide 13

Cassina: Sofa.


Dupont: Solid-Surfacing.

Pongs: Custom Ceiling System.

Modular Lighting InstrumentsVibia: Recessed Ceiling Fixtures, Spotlights.

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