May 1, 2020

Rocky Mountain Hardware Keeps Bronze Beautiful

A faucet designed using Rocky Mountain Hardware bronze. Photography courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

The art of sculpting molten art-grade bronze into intriguing silhouettes has endured for thousands of years. A metal that both ages beautifully and maintains a substantial yet soft feel, its warm organic look has been cultivated by countless generations of artisans using time-honored casting techniques.

Smooth to the touch, an artisan polishes a bronze branch. Photography courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

At Rocky Mountain Hardware, old world methods are used by the brand’s foundrymen and women to create incomparable products that appeal to modern tastes. “We’re craftsmen,” explains Christian Nickum, president of Rocky Mountain Hardware, noting all aspects of production happen and are overseen in the company’s Southern Idaho locale. Each piece of hardware evolves from an ingot of bronze to a hand-finished piece of art, touching no less than 30 hands throughout the 20-plus-step process, beginning with client collaboration and ending with a handcrafted bronze product.

The Rocky Mountain Hardware HQ with the rolling South Idaho mountains in the background. Photography courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware. 

Rocky Mountain Hardware, despite its ubiquity, remains a small company where goals are shared among the team. An advantage to this size—aside from maintaining control over production—is being able to implement practices that align with the company vision, such as sustainability. Not only are the production facilities up to standard when it comes to conserving water and recycling as much material as possible, but by avoiding the need for overseas parts, Rocky Mountain Hardware shrinks its carbon-footprint. A copper-based alloy, bronze’s durability—corrosion resistant and inherently antimicrobial—plus Rocky Mountain Hardware’s lifetime guarantee, make bronze an eco-conscious choice in and of itself.

A full kitchen suite featuring bronze hardware. Photography courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware

Another benefit of manufacturing each product close to home is the brand’s ability to stay nimble with a keen attention to detail. Rocky Mountain Hardware produces an extensive catalogue of bronze products that range in style from rustic to modern, smooth curves to hard lines, and everything in between.  These designs also serve as jumping off points for Rocky Mountain Hardware to make products should clients not find what they love. 

A custom barn door track features a mirror that gives way to a window, enabling the client to shift views. Photography courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

Engineering production team members, many of whom have been part of the company for nearly two decades, offer extensive customization expertise, assuring clients that anything is possible—from simple modifications to existing products to completely unique custom designs, such as table legs and life-sized bronze outdoor screens. 

Personalized table legs attached to a wooden base. Photography courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

What began with door hardware and coordinating accessories, including hinges and doorbell buttons, has grown to include sophisticated light fixtures, sinks, faucets and a range of other offerings. Rocky Mountain Hardware’s bronze collections are sure to add an organic charm or industrial edge to any interior. 

Bronze door handles lead out to a patio. Photography courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

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