October 27, 2016

San Sebastian Pavilion by Zuloark Is Made From 278 Seats

“Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” exterior. Photography courtesy of Zuloark.

Global design firm Zuloark has constructed a pavilion in San Sebastian, Spain, to celebrate the city’s role as the European Capital of Culture 2016. The pavilion, titled “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow,” currently functions as an information checkpoint and will remain intact until San Sebastian’s reign as cultural capital expires in 2017.

“Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” interior. Photography courtesy of Zuloark.

Assembled from 278 iron-clad benches in local pinewood, the pavilion’s components will be scattered around the city as street furniture in 2017.

“Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” benches. Photography courtesy of Zuloark.

Tasked with designing a structure facing inevitable deconstruction, Zuloark planned the pavilion to have a wide-ranging impact in San Sebastian’s future. “The logic around ephemeral architecture as a discipline is usually quite unsustainable,” said a Zuloark partner. “So we started from the end—we projected the future benches for San Sebastian and assembled them into the information pavilion for use this year.”

“Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” ceiling. Photography courtesy of Zuloark.

Centrally located near San Sebastian’s waterfront, Zuloark clad the pavilion in blue and white—traditional Gipuzkoan colors.

“Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” exterior during the day. Photography courtesy of Zuloark.


“Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” exterior at night. Photography courtesy of Zuloark.

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