July 12, 2017

Seating Roundup: pg 24-25

Madda by Michael Felix of Michael Felix.

1. Designer: Michael Felix of Michael Felix.

Product: Madda.

Standout: This third-generation upholstery designer inflates the traditional club chair into something cuddlier, with down- and feather-padded seating, Dacron- and foam-wrapped arms, and a powder-coated base. 

Aerie by Tina Nicole of Nathan Anthony Furniture.

2. Designer: Tina Nicole of Nathan Anthony Furniture.

Product: Aerie.

Standout: With a graphic cotton cover, contrasting black welt, and windowlike cutouts on the back and sides, this pert swivel chair looks good from any angle. The 10 finishes include this tony ash-gold wood. 

Otto by Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, and Ola Rune for Flötotto.

3. Designer: Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, and Ola Rune for Flötotto.

Product: Otto.

Standout: The German maker ventures into upholstered furniture with Claesson Koivisto Rune’s seating system incorporating a cozy quilted backrest—in red, blue, green, or gray fabric—and oiled-oak frame. 

Frenchkiss by Stefano Bigi for Enrico Pellizzoni.

4. Designer: Stefano Bigi for Enrico Pellizzoni.

Product: Frenchkiss.

Standout: As irresistible as its namesake, this armchair’s one-piece body and cushion can be covered in felt or colored soft leather; base options include a swivel column or legs in walnut or ash. 


ZH One by Zaha Hadid for Cassina.

5. Designer: Zaha Hadid for Cassina.

Product: ZH One.

Standout: The late legend ruminates on the cube, with irregular folds instead of right angles and diagonal bends in place of smooth planes. Cover the chair in two-tone colors
of wool-nylon blend.

Felt Earthball by Robert Brou for Naturalism Furniture.

6. Designer: Robert Brou for Naturalism Furniture.

Product: Felt Earthball.

Standout: Needle-felted wool embraces a hard-coat foam-cushioned chair that’s entirely made by hand and measures 25 inches wide by 29 deep and high.

All Plastic by Jasper Morrison for Vitra.

7. Designer: Jasper Morrison for Vitra.

Product: All Plastic.

Standout: Old-school wood chairs go Space Age with these indoor/outdoor wonders of dyed-through polypropylene, with flexible connectors for added comfort. Single and two-tone color options are on offer. 

Maggie by Pablo Carballal of Pablo Carballal.

8. Designer: Pablo Carballal of Pablo Carballal.

Product: Maggie.

Standout: Usable as a stool, small table, or storage unit, this cutie combines bent plywood—natural, varnished, or painted black or white—with a seat in natural
or black cork or bright felt. 

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