August 3, 2016

Sina Pearson Textiles Joins Momentum Group’s Roster of Sustainability-Focused Brands

Sina Pearson’s Parrot (textured), St. Tropez (multi-color stripes) and Turkish Delight (solid colors) sustainable indoor-outdoor textiles. 

Award-winning textile designer Sina Pearson has graced the industry with her stimulating point-of-view and clever eye since she began creating her emblematic sustainable textiles that blend color, yarn, weave, and pattern into carefully crafted collections for contract, healthcare, hospitality, institutional and residential environments.

Prior to building her company Sina Pearson Textiles in 1990—now part of powerhouse Momentum Group—Pearson co-founded the Association of Contract Textiles (ACT), which continues to set and manage standards for the contract textiles industry today. Since then, Pearson has practiced green design using new technologies, innovative approaches and sustainable sourcing methods while maintaining her signature jubilant color palette, intricate textures, and inspiring patterns that have made her one of the best.

Crafted after a trip to Iceland, Sina Pearson’s Nordic Collection won a 2015 Interior Design Best of Year award. The collection features Scandinavian-inspired graphic and textured monotone fabrics in several colorways.

From gathering inspiration from her many world travels to her primary muse: nature, sustainability is the core element of her design. “I believe in wasting less, using what we have more economically and leaving more for future generations. Each of us should make a commitment in our own way to preserve our precious environment,” says Pearson.

Her new partnership with Momentum Group sees her joining the likes of designers Carl and Emanuela Magnusson, Sheila Hicks, and Hazel Siegel in addition to the company’s trifecta of brands Momentum Textiles, Loomsource, and Textus in strengthening Momentum’s sustainable and performance-driven textile design legacy.

“With Momentum Group, Sina Pearson will continue to design many more extraordinary fabrics now unencumbered by the daily task of running a business. She can focus 100% of her efforts on designing beautiful products for our customers,” says Roger Arciniega, President and CEO of Momentum Group. With her extensive collection of more than 300 designs, Sina Pearson will bring her self-titled brand and expert knowledge of green textile design to Momentum Group’s growing collective.

Headshot by Linda Jáquez. Photography courtesy of Momentum Group. 

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