March 28, 2016

Step Inside Interstyle’s ColorLAB

It’s no question that Vancouver-based Interstyle is pushing the boundaries of custom glass production. The manufacturer invites specifiers to step inside their ColorLAB, where artisan experts develop a full color palette start-to-finish using the industry’s finest ceramic colors, blending and documenting each vibrant hue by hand with state-of-the-art spectrophotometer technology.

The manufacturer’s precise color matching techniques, along with a variety of size, texture, and finish options, guarantee unrivaled design flexibility that will amaze both specifier and client alike. And that’s exactly what distinguishes Interstyle from the rest—each glass solution is truly custom, and their creations have left a beautifying footprint on a multitude of projects worldwide. 

Interstyle’s industry-proven expertise merges technology and craftsmanship, whether by leveraging a new robotic mosaic system or carefully fashioning each piece by hand. But that’s not all—they have a multitude of resources for color inspiration at their fingertips. With the largest industry standard encompassing more than 179 curated colors and 10,000 custom options, they make specifying easier than ever before—that fused-glass partition or wall of shimmering tiles is finally within close reach. 

Explore the spectrum with Interstyle’s ColorLAB >

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