October 26, 2017

Stickbulb Repurposes Redwood From NYC Water Tanks

Walt Whitman waxed rhapsodic about the species, which lives in the thousands of years. More prosaically, redwood has become the standard for the water towers scattered across the New York skyline. The story continues with Stickbulb co-founders Christopher Beardsley and Russell Greenberg’s Water Tower Redwood collection. Reclaimed from decommissioned tanks, the wood is rich and red, threaded with black veins, the unique banding caused by decades of exposure to the elements. It’s now available for specification across the company’s entire range of LED lamps. Greenberg cites “the tension between clean minimalism and the poetry of imperfection.” Varieties include the tilted Torch and the crisscrossed Big Bang, both with steel supports, and the diamond X Light with brass fittings.

Watch Greenberg and Beardsley discuss Stickbulb’s installation at Collective Design 2017:

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