February 6, 2013

Super-ette Adds Six Designers to 2013 Launch

Kral Homework Desk by Super-ette

The Luxembourg-based company


focuses on smart, functional contemporary furniture and objects. Three years into the game and gaining momentum, the young company invited six contemporary European designers—Guillaume Delvigne, Fanny Dora, Eric Jourdan, François Bauchet and Tomas Kral—to create pieces for their 2013 collection launched at this year’s Maison et Objet.

Slovakian Tomas Kral, who created the cast aluminum and ash Homework table, says of the collection: “All the pieces are telling different stories and that’s what gives them their place in and outside the collection. There is one strong link, which is the material meeting—materials combination.

“In my piece,” continues Kral, “in the [Monad] shelf system of François Bauchet, and in Eric Jourdan’s [Gilda] table, is the meeting between the wood and metal material. In Fanny Dora’s piece [the Prestige mirror] is the playful connection between the wood and the glass mirror.”

Each piece is at first glance simple, but closer examination reveals clever functionality with a minimalistic twist. Kral’s Homework table, for example, uses folded aluminum cloth that mimics a tablecloth on the surface but also

Dora Prestige Mirror

functions as a toolbox of sorts—“to store books, personal souvenirs, or documents.”  From the front, Dora’s anamorphic mirror looks like a traditional round mirror, but a different perspective exposes its cheeky connection between wood and mirror and its dual functionality as a small shelf is revealed.“I don’t think we are reinventing furniture,” says Kral. “A chair always existed but the contort is changing. We try to observe the needs and adapt the functionality in a clever and playful way with new aesthetic and material approaches.”

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