October 7, 2015

Teknion’s Upstage System Personalizes the Workplace

Upstage desking and benching system by Teknion.

As cubicles disappear, next-generation desking and benching solutions take over. Teknion ‘s Upstage system, dovetailing with nearly any work style, is built on a basic low platform, aka the “stage,” with integrated power and data connections. Then, to personalize work spaces, components attach without tools, like Lego Blocks.

There are height-adjustable desks and tables, for starters. Privacy-seekers can add louvered metal partitions or magnetically mounted fabric-covered panels. And open storage slots, for stacking, have replaced the old-school desk drawers once needed for filing. Stylistic customization comes courtesy of textiles, wood veneers, translucent and back-painted glass, and a variety of metallic finishes.

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