January 20, 2016

The Sleekest Shading Solutions Out There

Modern luxury window coverings just got cleaner, sleeker, and more sophisticated. With JGeiger’s patented, flagship R-series shading system, cutting-edge technology meets minimalist hardware in a seamless solution for the most graceful and innovative complement to any window. Each installation is custom designed and provides a pristine and unique aesthetic for every space and style.

Simplicity defines JGeiger’s approach to customization, so it’s no surprise that their shading installations have been specified in a multitude of new luxury properties from coast to coast. “What is not necessary should be eliminated,” says James Geiger, JGeiger’s founder and president. “What is necessary—for form, for function, for beauty—remains, nothing more.”

JGeiger Shading Technology


– Minimalist hardware
– Custom manufactured and installed
– Up to 60′ solutions
– Invisible ceiling pockets
– Uprolling shades
– Motorized, manual or automated
– Solar, translucent, blackout fabrics

Unlike other shading systems that use traditional mounts with exposed screws and detracting hardware, Geiger meticulously designed his system to be exposed, offering an innovative solution that has set a new standard for modern shading. “To be modern is to be clean, intelligent, uncomplicated, and stunning,” Geiger continues. And he puts those principles into action—his minimalist results deliver a remarkable elegance that will distinguish your space from the rest.

Specify JGeiger Shading Technology in your next project.

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