February 28, 2017

The World’s First Decorative Shower Drain

When California Faucets introduced StyleDrain® in 2009, the industry’s first truly decorative shower drain, it was a new concept in the market. That year, the company received Interior Design’s prestigious Best of Year recognition—an accolade that would follow again in 2013 with the updated release of StyleDrain Tile. The product’s innovative design allows for the inlay of any tile or stone to match surrounding flooring, creating the illusion of water disappearing into the floor.

StyleDrain Tile displays a minimalist appearance that harmoniously complements tiled shower environments. “Designers were frustrated with the limited selection of lackluster, industrial-style drains available,” explains Jeff Silverstein, president and CEO of California Faucets. “A gorgeous, richly designed shower with an unattractive and clunky commercial drain didn’t sit well with us. Our patented StyleDrain® couples a streamlined, stylish design with extraordinarily fast draining capability.”


Available in 30+ finishes, including polished chrome, forged brass, and polished nickel, StyleDrain and StyleDrain Tile drains up to ten gallons of water per minute. The best part? Installation is easy and the final result creates a smooth, foot-friendly surface.

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