February 8, 2018

Third One’s The Charm

For all good things, alas, there is a toll, a price to pay. A constant, plentiful diet of delectably rich dishes will eventually add up, if you know what
I mean. Sigh. With our new-ish mag, Interior Design Homes, we failed to heed this advice and kept on adding. . .and adding. Sure enough, we’ve totally busted out at the seams. Unlike with a favorite pair of pants, however, this is actually great news. Homes has expanded so quickly, thanks to your keen interest, that we had to move out of our twice-a-year digs and into a bigger and better three-times place.

Welcome, then, to the first of this year’s trio of Homes issues, Winter 2018. Quite a nice ring to that. It happens to emerge, hot off the presses, right into the frosty season, just about when we are all looking forward in expectation to spring and the reawakening of creativity. For inspira- tion, consider a family compound in East Hampton by Interior Design Hall of Fame member Paul Masi with Erica Millar; Dirk Denison’s live-work space, awash in white and anigré, for a Washington, D.C., technology entrepreneur; a 19th-century Melbourne row house transformed by B.E Architecture; and Shamir Shah’s industrial-luxe New York loft, complete with double kitchen. Then there’s an ode to the staircase, whether blackened-steel in New York or travertine in London; a truly unusual photography exhibition at Ralph Pucci in L.A.; and a roundup of eye-popping amenities, from an indoor skate park to a garage that’s more of a gallery for vintage Porsches. You’ll also find “The Guide,” our first global assortment of irresistible resi goodies, ready for spec-ing: furnishings, fabric and wall covering, lighting, flooring, kitchen and bath, bedding, and tabletop.

Inviting interiors, exotic locales, and exciting new products all work in unison for your 2018 endeavors. And no worries. This diet of design is completely calorie-free!

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