December 19, 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Design Projects of 2014


From the offices of Motorola and the ever-controversial Uber to global residences and the award-winning set design for

Mad Men

—kitchen, bath and office interiors made waves in the projects YOU visited the most in 2014.

Keep reading for the countdown of

Interior Design

‘s 10 most popular design projects of the year…

10 Thumbs 567178 01 Chicago Merchandise Mart Gensler 0514.jpg

10. Making Connections: Gensler Delivers Open Office For Motorola

Gensler emphasized communication and openness at Motorola in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

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9 Thumbs 61152 Living Area 02 Noho Apartment Dufner Heighes 0914.jpg

9. Second Time Around: Dufner Heighes Redesigns NoHo Model Apartment

Tricked out in boho decor, brilliantly conceived by Dufner Heighes for a fictional young family with two imaginary children, the model apartment for a ground-up building in NoHo got snapped up right away.

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8 Thumbs 20456 Matthew Weiner Mad Men 0414 10.jpg

8. Welcome to 1969: Mad Men’s Award-Winning Set Design

Editor in chief Cindy Allen talks with Matthew Weiner about his award-winning Mad Men and their shared passion for design.

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7 Thumbs 37136 Kitchen Marble Portrait Achille Salvagni Architetti 0714.jpg

7. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day: Neither Was Achille Salvagni’s Apartment

And Achille Salvagni’s apartment will always be a work in progress.

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6 Thumbs 91085 Break Area Rug Neuehouse Office Rockwell Group 0314.jpg

6. Working It: Rockwell’s NeueHouse is More Club Than Office

Interior Design

Hall of Fame member David Rockwell believes that interiors should be theatrical. There is no purer application of his principles than New York’s NeueHouse, a shared office space run like a private club.

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5 Thumbs 21615 Pool Santa Pau House Sausriballonch Architects 0214.jpg

5. The Chronicles of Catalonia: Weekend Retreat in Santa Pau

Looking for a weekend retreat, a couple decided to purchase in the heart of the forest, in a subdivision that is technically part of the town of Santa Pau: a 2 ½-acre hillside property with a half-demolished shepherd’s cottage.

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4 Thumbs 20537 Sitting Area Chelsea Apartment Messana O Rorke 0914.jpg

4. Fashion’s Tribe: Messana O’Rorke Gut Renovates Chelsea High-Rise Apartment

A sultry and windswept Brigitte Bardot, smoking a cigarillo in an oversize black-and-white portrait, guards the entry to Hans Dorsinville’s home.

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3 Thumbs 65781 Monitor Uber Office Studio O A 1014.jpg

3. Over and Above: Studio O+A Designs HQ For Uber

Studio O+A outdid itself at Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

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2 Thumbs 10955 Sitting Area Midtown Apartment Hariri 0914.jpg

2. Museum in the Sky: Sprawling Midtown Apartment by Hariri & Hariri

A sprawling Midtown apartment by Hariri & Hariri is nothing short of a work of art.

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1 Thumbs 53192 Toronto Paul Raff Studio Incorporated Architects House 06.jpg

1. Turning Point: Minimal Toronto House by Paul Raff

To finesse just a renovation and expansion for a Toronto family of Asian descent, Paul Raff Studio Incorporated Architects relied on screens, minimal yet decorative, to add a layer of richness to the simplicity.

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