June 1, 2020

Translate Beliefs into Spaces with New Rugs from Shaw Contract

Diverse spaces require diverse solutions. And rugs are a versatile and foundational way to improve the aesthetics and functions of a room. As a piece that layers into the built environment, whether its in the home or a place of business, rugs are essential to creating a vibrant and unique sense of space. 

Combining inspiring design with durable materials and acoustic solutions, Shaw Contract has released their newest collection of rugs that are a convenient addition to commercial and residential spaces alike. “Our goal for designing the new program was to create a variety of aesthetics and creative moments that capture personal experiences,” says Reesie Duncan, VP of global design at Shaw Contract. She notes the design inspiration behind the rugs range from the beautiful palette of American Southwest deserts, “or a childhood memory of roller coasters,” per Duncan.

As hard surfaces are being used more and more, designers have realized the need for dynamic solutions to absorb sound. Ultimately bringing more warmth and comfort to a room, rugs help in creating an acoustic experience that encourages positive emotional and physical responses in the built environment. Layering in carpet with Shaw Contract’s hard surface, acoustics improve and sound absorption rises.  In fact, an area rug can create a 40% increase in sound absorption over polished concrete alone.

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