June 27, 2014

What Is the Gender of Your Bathroom?


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When deciding on what you want your bathroom to say about you, it is very important to keep the gender of the bathroom in mind throughout your design plan.


, manufacturer of hand-crafted bathroom furniture, offers 9 new vanity lines- paired with the right décor, all of the Ronbow vanity lines have the versatility to grace a powder room with feminine elegance, add a touch of charm with strong masculinity or offer a simplistic appeal for a neutral look.

“The bathroom is not just a space for woman, men are becoming very involved in designing the appropriate space to fit their personal needs in the bathroom,” said Erica Roberts, Product Development Manager of Ronbow.

The Laurel Vanity (pictured below) serves as a perfect statement piece in this space. “The vintage cafe finish shows the versatility of the Laurel Vanity, even though it’s a transitional vanity; it becomes a rustic, bold piece when set in a masculine bathroom,” Roberts said.  The surrounding cowhide rug and modest hanging lights add a touch of masculine charm without dominating the room with color.

Ronbow 2new

Ronbow 3new

Ronbow 4new

To meet the growing demand for its products, Ronbow is excited to announce the upcoming website launch, scheduled for September of 2014.  The launch will feature beautiful new photography, lifestyle videos and an overall more comfortable experience for the user.

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