Fiber Artist Windy Chien Knots Her Way into Fine Jewelry

Sailors use ringbolt hitches, so does Windy Chien. But she uses the knotting technique to craft site-specific, room-size installations for such clients as Google and Nobu Hotels. Now, the artist and author switches mediums to precious metals, translating the aesthetics of her fiber works into Knot Life, an eight-piece collection of wearable art developed with fine jeweler Cast, launching this month. “My goal is to elevate the humble object into one of awe and beauty,” Chien explains. Stunning indeed. Among the standouts are the Woven Mesh Pendants, necklaces consisting of a 1.4-inch-diameter ring of charcoal jade—the material chosen for its protective qualities—sheathed in sterling-silver or 14-karat gold mesh. A smaller pendant, earrings, and a ring complete the series.

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