Photography by James Shanks.

5 Best of Year Product Winners from 2020

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to submit your top products and projects for Interior Design‘s Best of Year Awards by September 22. To gear up for the upcoming awards, here is a look at five product winners from last year.

Remnant by Note Design Studio

Person sitting in a golden u-shaped armchair.
Photography by Estudio Sancal & Marcelo Martínez

As part of Void Matters, a conceptual collection that examines the concept of a void and matter, Remnant challenges existing perceptions of space. The Note Design Studio team asked: “What do the positive and negative part of an object represent? What defines an object itself—the matter or the void that surrounds it?” Remnant is their answer.

The Stroke Collection by CC-Tapis

Photography by Dario Salomone.

The Stroke collection presents woven rugs as singular gestures, drawing on the art of a simple brush stroke. The varied pile height and subtle color differences accentuate the dimensionality of each piece, turning any room into a canvas.

Easy Peasy by Lodes

Photography courtesy of Studio Italia Design.

With a sculptural and recognizable form reminiscent of the shape of bells, Easy Peasy is a set of portable and rechargeable table lamps, consisting of two rounded elements, a body and a distinctive solid rounded knob on top.

REPEAT OFFENDERS by Ghislaine Viñas for Wolf-Gordon

Photography by James Shanks.

The REPEAT OFFENDERS collection by Ghislaine Viñas features bold patterns that riff on the past by presenting a tongue-in-cheek twist on colors, scales, and forms found in retro designs from Wolf-Gordon’s own mid-century archives.

Storet Cabinet by Acerbis

Photography by Alberto Strada.

Exemplifying the pioneering vision of the late Nanda Vigo, Storet is a spirited, playful pillar of drawers. Reissued and updated in 2020 with lacquered walnut and new proportions, Storet showcases choreography of color, texture, and form.