July 16, 2020

8 Eclectic Accent Tables

These mixed-media tables anchor and accent a space.

1. Lorin Silverman’s Alina side table with 
hand-blown glass top and polished-concrete base by Eidos Glass.

2. Nail Table No. 67 in ash with flush-cut polished nails by Sandback

3. Mermaid table in storm-fallen curly 
maple and concrete (incorporating local 
sand) by Teasdale Design Studio.

4. Sebastian Herkner’s Salute tables with 
travertine bases and powder-coated steel 
tops by La Chance through Property

5. A. Jacob Marks’s Bolota Capture BC1 
and BC2 tables in high-density black cork 
and blackened aluminum by Skram

6. João Faria’s Pebbles XL coffee table with 
tops in walnut and oak veneer and black and 
white glass on black-lacquered legs by Emotional Objects

7. Oak coffee table with resin and alcohol-ink 
inlays and hand-rubbed oil finish by Ian Love 

8. Eve coffee table in solid oak and Lucite 
by Croft House.

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