August 13, 2020

9 Wild at Heart Fabrics and Wallcoverings

These bold prints invite a sense of adventure to the great indoors. 

1. Andrew Alford’s Kushy Koala, Drunk Monkeys, Kitten Coven, Sleepy Sleepy Sloths, Trash Panda Party, and Squirrels, Nuts, and Zippers digitally printed Type II wall coverings by Astek.

2. Boa cork-resin-cotton wall
covering in Taipan by Innovations.

3. Virginia Langley’s Luster suede by Cortina Leathers

4. Melinda Marquardt’s Pardus Toile nonwoven 
wallpaper by The Vale London

5. Nirmala cotton-polyester fabric in Jet by Harlequin 
through Style Library

6. Asteria’s Folly printed cotton fabric in Day by Beata Heuman.

7. Christian and Heidi Batteau’s Boa beeswax-sealed wallpaper with hand-applied plaster in charcoal by Assemblage through Holly Hunt

8. Pelage wallpaper on nonwoven backing by Arte

9. Llama Drama polyester in Slate, Getting Groovy cotton with cotton-polyester embroidery in Fiesta, Make It Pop poly chenille–polyester in Amber, all fabrics by Swavelle Hospitality

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