Ralph Pucci Unveils a Whimsical Collection by Elizabeth Garouste

Almost a decade since her first show with Ralph Pucci International, Elizabeth Garouste returns with a seven-piece collection, Beans. The Parisian designer mined disparate influences, from the Middle Ages to neoclassicism, to create the whimsical biomorphic forms, which include a mirror (Herman), console (Jim), chandelier (Priscilla), side table (Ara), and more. All are handmade of Pucci’s proprietary Plasterglass resin-plaster composite and fabricated by master sculptors working as artists-in-residence at the celebrated gallery’s New York studio. Mosaic tiles and bold colors like deep red and pale grassy green adorn the free-flowing shapes, amplifying their effervescent charm. It’s a more than worthy continuation of her witty and unconventional work as one half of the noted duo Garouste & Bonetti, which flourished in the 1980’s and ’90’s. Through Ralph Pucci International. ralphpucci.com

a red biomorphic table with a swirling pattern top
a curvy mirror with a white plaster border with green shapes
a light green pendant that holds a glowing light

“The Plasterglass collections by other designers are generally realized in black or white, but I wanted mine to play with colors and even introduce a new material: mosaic,” says Garouste.

a narrow red table with three bulbous legs
detail of a bulbous red table leg

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