Discover Eye-catching Kitchen Hardware Inspired by Fine Jewelry

In 1893, three enterprising brothers founded the Keeler Brass Company, which became known for crafting furniture trim as well as brass parts for the legendary Model T car. More than a century later, the legacy continues, as the domestically manufactured brand relaunches with new hardware—and a partnership with appliance company Monogram. The Monogram Designer Collection, by creative director Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, offers handles, hoods, and refrigerator panels in solid brass or titanium inspired by fine jewelry and watches, some wrapped in hand-stitched Edelman leather. “The proportions and scale are tailored and refined,” Anuszkiewicz notes, “so the user has a tactile experience that engages the senses.”; Sample Monogram x Keeler Brass Company now on

Explore the Monogram Designer Collection

brass fixtures by monogram
a man in a gray suit standing near a kitchen island
detail of brass fixture
sparks flying of a brass fixture by monogram in the making
a person adding final touches to a brass fixture
stove handles by monogram and keeler

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