August 29, 2019

Feel the Glow With Six Orange-Hued Lighting Products

Amber and orange tones are warm and wonderful. Feel the glow with these six lighting products.

Photography by Salva López.

Jordi Canudas’s Dipping Light wall sconces in handblown glass and brushed brass by Marset

Photography courtesy of Umage.

Søren Ravn Christensen’s Clava Dine pendant fixture in aluminum in Ochre by Umage.

Photography courtesy of Shinya Yoshida Design.

Geometria prototype desk lamp in 3-D printed nylon and leather fiber by Shinya Yoshida Design.

Photography courtesy of Linea Light Group.

Derby pendant fixture with sound-absorbing shade by Linea Light Group.

Photography courtesy of Eugene Meshcheruk.

Half Pipe table lamp in upcycled PVC pipe by Eugene Meshcheruk.

Photography by Ronald Smits.

Blend floor lamp in oiled pine and sandblasted glass by Ward Winjnant.

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