December 1, 2019

Flavor Paper’s Brooklyn Eccentricity Matches Its Unconventional Wallpaper

Marbled Arch by Flavor Paper.

Set on a tree-lined residential block in Brooklyn, New York, Flavor Paper’s studio might go unnoticed were it not for its ground-level glass storefront through which passersby can glimpse staffers printing wallpaper on tables beneath a mirrored ceiling. The cheeky company founded by Jon Sherman is known for skewering conventional wallpaper, and has been in the building since 2009, when it outgrew its original space in New Orleans. Using both hand screening and digital processes (sometimes combining the two), the company can play with scale or swap colors and grounds on its standard products, as well as create custom designs. Partnering with artists keeps things fresh, while unconventional materials are all part and parcel of the brand ethos—think glow in the dark, holographic, and even scratch-and-sniff offerings like Cannabliss, a marijuana damask with a corresponding scent.

Mirage by Flavor Paper.
Permanent Sunset by Flavor Paper.
Photography courtesy of Flavor Paper.
Photography courtesy of Flavor Paper.

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