Framery Unveils Cutting-Edge Smart Office Pod Collection

Framery, a pioneer in soundproof workstations from Finland, recently introduced its range of intelligent office pods, marking a significant transition towards advanced workplace solutions. Customizable in more than 3,000 color combinations, this new series comprises four smart pods catering to varying capacities: one (Framery One, Framery Compact), four (Framery Four), or six persons (Framery Six).

The series integrates a strategic shift from plywood to weight-reducing sheet metal within the wall modules, all while retaining the brand’s distinctive rectangular frame with gently curved edges. This design adaptation facilitates the inclusion of supplementary sound-absorbing elements, despite a reduction in overall materials usage. Consequently, the collection boasts a 30% decrease in emissions, attributed to a heightened utilization of recycled steel, glass, and plastics.

Equipped with a patent-pending acoustic structure finely tuned to human speech frequency, the pods elevate the concept of a quiet workspace. Externally, an office sound masking system minimizes speech intelligibility and external distractions.
The smart pods dynamically adjust lighting and ventilation based on occupancy, utilizing millimeter-wave radar sensors inspired by autonomous driving systems. Yet, users have intuitive control over settings and booking extensions via the pod’s high-resolution touchscreen interface.

Reservations can be seamlessly made through the Framery app, Microsoft or Google calendars, or by simply stepping into the pod, all facilitated by the built-in 4G connection enabling automatic software updates.

Framery pod
Framery pod
Framery pod

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