August 27, 2020

Héctor Esrawe’s Fluid Sculptures Make Lighting into Art

Shifting Parábola 01Photography by Genevieve Lutkin.

At MASA gallery’s “Recover/Uncover” exhibition in a stately Mexico City mansion earlier 
this year, design polymath Héctor Esrawe presented Shifting Parábola, two fluid sculptures that explore the way light travels over a continuous metal surface. Matte-finish brass ribbons drape like tensile satin from anchor points on ceiling, wall, or floor. LEDs nestled 
into crooks bounce light onto the 7.8-inch-wide brass strips. There are two variants: 01, which touches the floor, and 02, which does not. The 
former measures 153 inches high by 49 wide, the latter 118 by 55. Each is limited to a run of 10. Get in quick.

Shifting Parábola 02Photography by Genevieve Lutkin.

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