November 1, 2019

Jude Heslin Di Leo Designs an Altar-Like Quartz Table

Amplifier by Jude Heslin Di Leo. Photography by John Von Pamer.

While feng shui expert Colleen McCann was arranging the chi in an apartment by NYCxDesign Award winner Jude Heslin Di Leo, she remarked that quartz increases natural energy. It was a lightbulb moment for Di Leo, who proceeded to channel the notion into Amplifier, a 15-inch-high table constructed from pure quartz crystal. “It was originally designed as a meditation altar, a place to work with sacred objects,” he says. “But whether used as that or a coffee table, the intention is for it to help clients release and transform.” With a built-in hidden shelf, it can also help them organize. 

Amplifier by Jude Heslin Di Leo.
Amplifier by Jude Heslin Di Leo.

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