November 11, 2020

Kvadrat’s Fourth Annual Knit! Features International Designers and Artists

From left: Coalesce chaise by Studio Truly Truly; Salamandre by Léa Baert; Conversation Series by Adam Goodrun.

Because of the pandemic, Knit!—the fourth iteration of Danish textile company Kvadrat’s ongoing Design Project—debuted in September both physically, at 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, and digitally, as an interactive online exhibition viewable worldwide. For the show, 28 international designers and artists have created pieces using Kvadrat Febrik knitted textiles. Highlights include InterPersona, Australian Benja Harney’s Surrealist assemblage of eyes and lips; fellow Aussie Adam Goodrum’s Conversation Series, a rainbow take on Victorian love seats; New York–based Visibility’s Living Room, a circle of Middle Eastern–inspired low-to-ground seating; An Alternative Sample Room, Hong Kong–based Elaine Yan-Ling Ng/The Fabrick Lab’s three-dimensional swatch displays; Shed, a tentlike shelter by Julie Richoz from France; Dutch Studio Truly Truly’s glass-mounted Coalesce chaise; and Salamandre, a fantastical textile landscape by French designer Léa Baert.

InterPersona by Benja Harney.
Adam Goodrun’s Conversation Series.
Visibility’s Living Room.
Alternative Sample Room by Elaine Yan-Ling Ng/The Fabrick Lab.
Shed by Julie Richoz.

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