A New Multi-Piece Rug by Verdi Slithers Through the Room

La Coral by Colombian textile studio Verdi winds through space like a snake. The multi-piece rug was first unveiled in Dan Brunn Architecture’s Bridge House during Frieze Los Angeles, where it appears to move down a hallway in and out of the walls, an optical illusion created by careful placement of its sinuous shapes.

Verdi creative director Tomás Vera uses Peruvian alpaca wool, along with a jutelike fique plant fiber sustainably sourced from Colombia’s Andean region and Verdi’s signature copper and stainless-steel threads, which yields the stripes and checks—based on the irregular banded markings of Colombia’s coral snake.

a weaver works on a rug on a loom
a close up of the La Coral rug
a close up of the La Coral rug
La Coral rug

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