April 15, 2021

Nordic Knots Brings an Artistic Touch to Shaggy, Geometric Rugs

Art for the walls is practically de
rigueur. But art for the floor? The mathematically precise oils on canvas by rising Danish painter Carsten Beck Nielsen translate to rugs for a second time, via Swedish manufacturer Nordic Knots. The angular shapes in his works are “painted” by adding shaggy, hand-knotted New Zealand wool pile to a flat-woven wool ground “canvas,” visible in the plush geometries of Untitled 01 or Untitled 02, which come in two neutral colorways, contrasting Black/Dusty White or tonal Almond/Cream.

“It’s ‘walkable’ art, which adds another dimension to the experience,” Nielsen says. Photography by Ragnar Omarsson.
Untitled 02.  Photography by Ragnar Omarsson.
 Untitled 01. Photography by Ragnar Omarsson.

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