November 1, 2020

Object Carpet Teams Up with Ippolito Fleitz Group for Dynamic Carpet Collection

Flow x Glow’s sisal pattern creates an optical illusion with its subtle textures. Photography by Monica Menez.

When it comes to creating atmospheric spaces, designers often turn to texture, adding layers of tactile comfort—especially underfoot. Not all carpets are created equal, though. Durable carpets with unique patterns, colors, and piles are challenging to find. But the creatives and artisans behind German carpet manufacturer Object Carpet are easing the search, marrying form and function. “The desire for carpet” is the ethos that drives their process, ensuring each product they produce delivers on quality and design, even if it takes three years for a collection to come to life.

With contrasting dynamics that bring old patterns into a new light, Craze x Chase is a timeless yet distinctly modern carpet. Photography by Monica Menez.

For the company’s latest collection, Object Carpet teamed up with Ippolito Fleitz Group, a Stuttgart-based multidisciplinary design studio, to create eight new carpet models boasting 111 combinable colorways. The teams at both companies spent years testing color and material combinations to create a line of carpets that truly stand out. Experimenting with fiber structures—some finely intertwined, some with concise knobs or with a dense pile—enables each carpet to take on its own special appearance.

Skill x Chill meets Craze x Chase. Photography by Monica Menez. 

“With our knees on the carpet and our head in the world, we have created a collection that is particularly suited to our customers’ requirements,” says Daniel Butz, managing director at Object Carpet. From business glamour to chameleon optics, vividly expressive colors to soft natural tones, the collection reflects the inherent joy designers find in various structures, surfaces, and colors. Refined interplays change the carpets’ visual effects while ensuring its durability, making the line suited for use in high-impact spaces, such as casual lounges, buttoned-up offices, or educational environments.  

Deal x Feel features an expressive, fine loop, melding wool and cotton to create a high-contrast blending effect. Photography by Monica Menez.

Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz Group named each carpet pattern to hint at the feeling, mood, and atmosphere they imagine it characterizes. With its rippled loops and subtle metallic shine, Skill x Chill, for example, has a cool glamour to it while Walk x Talk is discreet and minimalistic with muted tones. These versatile, visually striking carpets, enable designers to transform the atmosphere of an entire building, and every interior within it. 

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