March 24, 2021

Outdoor Furnishings by RAD Reflect SoCal Style

A loveseat and ottoman from the Square collection. Photography by Ty Cole.

During the early days of their Los Angeles furniture company, RAD, Ryan Anderson and Russell Hill began experimenting with perforated steel. That was a decade ago. That experimentation has since evolved into a series of outdoor staples that include sleek perforated or slatted steel barstools, like Signature, alongside minimalist mixed-media tables, sofas, and ottomans, such as Square. “RAD was influenced by my SoCal childhood in the ’80s and ’90s,” Anderson says. “My favorite thing to do was go to the Vans store with my mom and customize a pair of shoes.” Today, that translates into making furniture that designers can easily modify in size, color, and material. Fun fact: The company name references another childhood favorite, the 1986 BMX sports flick Rad.

The men behind RAD furniture, Russell Hill and Ryan Anderson. Photography by Ty Cole.
“We saw a void in domestically manufactured outdoor furniture that wasn’t over-designed,” Anderson says. Photography by Ty Cole.
The Signature perforated steel stool. Photography by Ty Cole.
Photography by Ty Cole.

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