April 29, 2021

Pierre Frey’s New Fabric and Rug Series Screams Optimism

Charlotte. Photography courtesy of Pierre Frey.

Finally, some good news. With its buoyant color palettes, natural fibers, and dynamic graphics, Pierre Frey’s new fabric and rug series—Vibrations and Rhythms, respectively—scream “optimism.” Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus and kinetic art movements, the sister collections comprise 16 patterns (eight apiece), each in a handful of colorways. To name just a few: the Nikita rug in cut-pile wool; Dots, a cotton fabric; the jacquard-woven Kasimir, also cotton; Charlotte, an embroidered acrylic-cotton fabric; and Alexander, a linen-acrylic embroidery. To style the photo shoot, the textile brand called in product designer Constance Guisset, who took a narrative approach. “I tried to imagine a character who would live in this apartment,” she says. “Our host would be a curious person, open to the outside world and to dreams, eager for real or imaginary travels.” That’s the spirit.

Nikita. Photography courtesy of Pierre Frey.
Dots. Photography courtesy of Pierre Frey.
Kasimir. Photography courtesy of Pierre Frey.
Alexander. Photography courtesy of Pierre Frey.
Alexander. Photography courtesy of Pierre Frey.

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