Radnor’s ‘Crafted by Nature’ Exhibit Spotlights Complex Materiality

It was a big spring for Radnor company founder Susan Clark, who celebrated new gallery programming at her showroom on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with the curated show “Crafted by Nature.” The exhibition spotlighted a bevy of one-off and extremely limited-edition products by various makers—including Clark herself. She wielded her design prowess to full effect in manifesting a unique coffee table carved from a solid core of Italian Siena marble in a manner that makes it appear at once luminous and substantial: A monolithic slab top is held aloft by a textured base bearing the imprint of drilling marks. She used the same marble to craft a limited-edition series of three smaller curve-base side tables. The pieces, collectively dubbed Core, highlight the complexity of Mother Earth’s materiality, and the technical expertise required to design and fabricate such deceptively simple forms.

Susan Clark with her Core collection for Radnor
Core by Susan Clark for Radnor

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